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Growing up Modern, part 1 of 3

tischler house family in yard 1951
Fig 1 Me, my grandparents and mom.This shows that they weren’t totally insane, there was some child protection around the edge of the yard.It is totally open now. 1951

.Fiberglass roof is entirely open at this time, plywood to screen top 2/3 of alsynite hasn’t yet been installed by Tischler
. Low sill on window at dining room, requested by Mrs. Tischler over Schindler’s objections, is visible to the left. This was later covered up by Tischler to match Schindler’s design. See Talking to Mr. Tischler, part 3
rm rudolph schindler adolph tischler floor plan steve wallet architect post 1 6-25-2013
Fig 2 Living level floor plan
Arrows with numbers indicate positions where photos were taken
tischler family by fireplace 1951
Fig 3 Me, my Mom and sister, Dad’s father and step mother. Time is early 1951, as you can see the fireplace is not there yet, some of the ceiling structure is hanging.
Fiberglass roof is completely exposed.
diane tischler (garver) and dog 1952
Fig 4 Me and the yard in approx. 1952 looking at the north end of the yard w/ dog house and swing set way in corner. Now there are huge eucalyptus trees here and you would never know a wall and house are even there.
I assume that Adolph Tischler was the family photographer and that’s why he isn’t in any of these photographs. That must be his shadow at the bottom of this photo.
rm schindler tischler house loft steve wallet architect
Fig 5 View up to loft from bedroom closest to yard. Through open door is hallway and living room
Wood ladder drops down to access loft, it is rotated to a horizontal position when stored.
Folding doors between bedrooms are on the left of this photo, shown in the open position. They slide on the horizontal beam to the left of the ladder .
tischler grandparents in back yard
Fig 6 The yard again before landscaping. Now this is the back of the yard that has bamboo that hides any view of a wall or another home.

My childhood in the Tischlers’ Schindler house

Many, many thanks to Diane Garver, daughter of Adolph Tischler. Like her father, she generously shared her story of her life in their Schindler house.

Special thanks for Diane’s wonderful photographs of her family in their house. All her photographs are copyright Diane Garver, all rights reserved. They are used here with her kind permission.

This interview was conducted by email, starting 11/10/2012

Please also see my interview with  Adolph Tischler, Diane’s father. It will help you understand the house and his history with it.

Steve Wallet: What is your job/career/passion(s)?

Diane Garver: I now am working part time in a home office for an 85 year old. My introduction to this man came through his wife who I met at the park pool water aerobics class. I had heard her talking about Westwood and so finally asked her where she had lived. It turns out she and her husband lived 8 houses up Cashmere from our (Schindler) house. I never met them in LA, their children were younger, but it really is a small world.

My passions for the last part of my life are building friendships, living with others and WATER AEROBICS.

The house and you on a personal level

I grew up in a suburban tract house and all my friends lived in tract houses. What was it like to grow up in your house? Were you or your friends aware of it as different? Was that fun or strange or both? Continue reading Growing up Modern, part 1 of 3