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Talking with Mr. Tischler, part 3 of 3


1  Detail of Alsynite scrap in workshop
2  Ceiling, showing daylight coming in from recessed light detail
3  South side, viewed from back of yard
4  Close-up, showing recessed light detail and plastic panel
5  Detail of recessed light at ceiling
6  Wall color as selected by Tischler (left) and as proposed by Schindler (right)
7  View from dining area to yard

8  View from master bedroom to yard

Besides the storage you added on the outside, are there any other things that you’ve changed? I have read that you put the plywood in the ceiling, because the house was too hot.

Yes, that was done after he (Schindler) died. There was one thing that developed. Putting the Alsynite all the way up , in blue, the reason he chose blue is because he was interested in bringing the outside inside, and making everything blue is close. But we had a lot of trouble with the Alsynite. In the first place, the blue started to fade. This was before my wife even moved in, right away. The Alsynite people sent somebody out to spray it. But running all the way up top like that was too hot, too blue, too much. So then we tried several things. We thought we could plant some things like eucalyptus trees outside, where the sun was coming. We never did that anyway. It wouldn’t work. We would have had to wait 25 years.

Talking with Mr. Tischler, part 2 of 3


1  Plan, top (third) floor
2  Entry, back of fireplace to left, dining area ahead
3  Collage from dining looking toward living, entry is on the left behind the fireplace
4  Collage from living looking toward rear of house, dining on the left, living on the right
5  View from dining to breakfast area in kitchen
6  View of ceiling from kitchen towards living

7  View of south side of house from lawn

Was the reason that people wouldn’t loan was that it was too unusual for them?

I think so. This is quite a traditional street. The woman next door, I found out later, I didn’t know, she went around up and down the street with a petition to try to stop us from building the house.It didn’t work, I didn’t know about it. Later she came around when all the landscaping was in and said “Mr. Tischler, I must tell you, you have a simply beautiful house.” But I’ll tell you, it was pretty stark before we put the landscaping in. You dig out a hill, you know, there’s no lawn that you can put in the front. Anyway, it worked out fine.

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Talking with Mr. Tischler, part 1 of 3

Adolph and Beatrice Tischler commissioned Rudolph Schindler to design and build their home in 1950. Mr. Tischler still lives there, a generous host and steward of the house. The house is in wonderful shape and nearly original condition. Recently Mr. Tischler invited me to his house and shared some of his history. 1

1  Adolph Tischler in his studio with his paintings
2-5  Metal work by Mr.Tischler
2  Silver bowl
3  Aluminum bowl
4  Brass and copper candle holder
5  “Duo” tableware, stainless steel and black nylon

6  Front of Tischler house from the street

Note: Alsynite was the product name for the first corrugated fiberglass panels

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