My new cartoon collection!!!

small moments volume 3 steve wallet architect 2015-11-17If you like my cartoons you’ll LOVE my latest cartoon collection: SMALL MOMENTS vol 3, THREE A DAY. It has over 300 fun-filled, cat-filled, funny and touching cartoons. Named for my daily goal of drawing at least 3 cartoons, it covers the period from February through July of 2015.

It’s just in time for holiday gift giving! Order volume 3, and my first 2 cartoons collections, here. Don’t forget to order some for yourself…

a Halloween not so Scary Movie

Happy Birthday Maureen!!

This GIF features our friends and former neighbors Maureen and Bob. They really know how to celebrate Halloween. It’s Maureen’s birthday so there’s always a happy crowd around. They are tirelessly polite and patient with all the trick-or-treaters – “and who are you dressed as?”. And they generously give out full-size candy bars which draws people from miles around.

Bob and Maureen are cat people, they know you never give a cat chocolate – it’s toxic to them. I just did that for the GIF…

The star of this movie is our ever-handsome Cat.


Footnote Famous

Thought you’d want to know that my article on Garrott, Schindler and the Bethlehem Baptist Church was mentioned in the new book “Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry”1 written by Paul Goldberger. It’s right there in the footnote at the bottom of page 128.
Building Art pg 128 2015-10-6


Unfortunately, there are a few errors in the footnote…

Building Art pg 128 footnote 2015-10-6Mr. Goldberger says the Church was “thoroughy restored in 2014”. In fact, the Church has not been restored at all. The current owners have painted the Church in non-original colors and made a few rough patches. The Church is still waiting for restoration by sympathetic owners.

Careful readers may also notice that my last name is spelled wrong. The correct spelling is “Wallet”, one “t”.

I contacted Mr Goldberger and he kindly apologized and assured me that both would be corrected in the next edition.

Thanks to architect and friend Steve Dalton for bringing the footnote to my attention.

1 Paul Goldberger, Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry (New York, Knopf, 2015), 128