Scrap Head Trio

steve wallet architect scrap head trio 4-17-2013Too many scraps….

I have been doing lots of carpentry projects around the house lately, so my scrap pile has grown alarmingly. I thought I would make some scrap wood heads to reduce the pile. Unlike some of my other wood scrap sculptures, I didn’t make any sketches first. I just played with the scraps until a design appeared. I think that made them different from my other scrap designs.steve wallet architect scrap pointy head  4-17-2013

Pointy Head Man
Sometimes this head looks wacky and fun, other times it looks a little scary. I think its the big smile.

The large projecting horizontal was meant to be a unibrow, where someone’s bushy eyebrows grow together, but it kind of looks like the visor of a cap. This is the first human head I’ve done with ears, of course my cat heads always have ears. The ears suggested glasses. With his ’50’s sideburns and pompadour, he looked a little tough. With the glasses he looksteve wallet architect scrap pointy head other side 4-17-2013s downright friendly.

Atomic Cat
I HAD to do at least one cat. This was the hardest one, I kept staring at the scraps and nothing suggested itself. When I finally saw it, it was obvious. With all the angles and triangles, this one looks very mid-century modern to me.

I learned a few things with this trio

  • No matter how many scrap sculptures I make, my huge scrap pile doesn’t really get much smaller.
  • I have run out of places to put the sculptures…


steve wallet architect scrap unibrow 4-17-2013steve wallet architect scrap unibrow side 4-17-2013steve wallet architect scrap angular cat 4-17-2013steve wallet architect scrap angular cat side 4-17-2013