Happy Birthday Lisa! 2011, part 2

More scrap people, or animals

Lisa likes bird houses as sculptures in the garden. For her recent birthday (see also Happy Birthday Lisa! cards) I thought I would make her one from my pile of wood scraps (see also Happy Anniversary! scrap people). I found a piece that was perfect for a bird’s body, so the bird house got a scrap bird. Lisa picked the bird and the bird house colors.

And where there are birds, there is a cat. Or in this case, Our Cat, intently focused on the bird.

At the bottom is a short sequence of sketches I made to work out our tuxedo cat’s face. His white chest was added in the second sketch. Angling the top of his chest, which worked with the offset eyes and ears and tied everything together, appears in the last sketch.

Top        bird, house and cat
Second    detail of bird and house
Third        detail of cat
 Bottom    sketch sequence