RM Schindler Mini-comic!

rm schindler mini comic cover steve wallet architect 5-20-2013rm schindler open mini comic steve wallet architect 5-20-2013rm schindler mini-comic steve wallet architect 5-19-2013A little book

A mini-comic is a home-made comic, printed, cut, folded, assembled and distributed by the author (and his/her friends). It is a do-it-yourself way of getting your work out. I love mini-comics, and decided that it was time to put out my first (but not last) publication.

I will need your help for this one, so get out your straight edge (ruler) and your hobby knife (or scissors), turn on your printer and let’s get going.

A Click on the Schindler Mini-Comic image, third image from the top, to download the mini-comic PDF.

When the PDF is downloaded, the image appears on your screen.

B Print the PDF1 in full color, making sure that the “Scale to Fit” option on your printer IS  selected. Print in Landscape mode.

The PDF will print with white margins and a heavy black border or frame on all sides. You will cut off the margins and the thick border in C.

schindler mini-comic assembly instructions steve wallet architect 5-19-2013

C Follow the easy assembly instructions in the bottom image. No stapling required!

If all goes well, you will end up with a little 2.5″ x 4″, eight page booklet – an overview of most of the Schindler buildings I have discussed so far.

You have made your first mini! Print ’em, collect ’em, trade ’em. Be the envy of all as you hand out the much sought after Schindler-mini to your friends and colleagues.

Please use my “Contact Steve” form if you have any praise, questions or problems.


Special thanks to “Whatcha mean,what’s a zine?” for the no-staples mini technique.

1 Printing a PDF: The exact software that opens your PDF depends on how your computer is set up. On our computer, I right click on the PDF and select Print from the pop-up menu.