RM Schindler Project Logo

Another passion, another logo

Since it looks like I’m not going to be stopping this Schindler thing any time soon, I decided to give it a name and a logo. I decided to call it the RM Schindler Project. The logo is meant to resemble Schindler’s houses, the Oliver House most specifically. The first and last letters of Schindler projecTinterlock to form the building. Horizontal ribbons of windows, based on the Schindler 4′ module system, spell out the intermediate letters. Like the Oliver House, this building is seen from below, looking up, to give everything a dramatic angle and plenty of movement.

More on the Oliver House, dramatic angles and interlocking letter forms in the Oliver House analysis, coming soon

One thought on “RM Schindler Project Logo”

  1. I like the logo! For me, it really captures the feel of Schindler's work. It seems somewhat bold, yet requires me to really look at it. While it seems simple at first, there are subtle details demanding my attention.

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