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RM Schindler’s Kaun Beach House – Update

Some sad news

Thanks to my readers

Special thanks to reader Steve Schuh and his Schindler facebook page for drawing my attention to the recent sales listing of the Kaun property, for visiting the Kaun site and taking this recent photo of the house and property.

Special thanks to reader Marlin Watson for visiting the property and sending me his impressions of its current condition.


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RM Schindler’s Kaun Beach House 1934-35, part 3 of 3


NOTE  I make my models to show designs, spaces and ideas. They are not intended to be photo realistic. The interiors of the Kaun House are all wood, stained yellow. Schindler’s stains are typically semi-transparent and allow the wood grain to show through. I chose not to show that grain in this model-it was distracting and unpleasant looking. So when you see the interiors, imagine that the flat yellow walls and ceilings have a faint wood texture showing through.

Schindler’s interiors are known for his sculptural cabinets. The Kaun House, all wood on the inside, is like being inside one large cabinet. The walls are covered with ¼” plywood, the ceiling is exposed wood beams and roof planks, the floor is wood. The only thing that isn’t wood is the plaster finished fireplace.

RM Schindler’s Kaun Beach House 1934-35, part 2 of 3


The most striking feature of the exteriors is the green roll roofing. It covers the roofs and wraps down in horizontal bands over all the walls-even the garage doors (Figure 1). The bottom edge of each band is installed over triangular wooden strips that angle the roofing out from the wall (Fig 2 with notes from CD’s). This creates ridges and shadow lines that further emphasize the horizontal. Schindler used this same system of horizontal bands of roofing on part of another home, the De Keyser House 1, at about the same time. The roofing was a response to the extremely small budget of both houses 2.