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RM Schindler’s Elmer House, 1952 (unbuilt), Conclusion part 5 of 5

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The windows in the Elmer House are an unusual late Schindler design. They are unframed pieces of glass, with glued-on handles, that slide in grooves in the frame like the doors of a china cabinet. (fig 1) I first noticed this Schindler window in the original Shulman photos of the Erlik House, at the Getty Institute web site. I was excited to see them, still in use, in the Skolnick House.(fig 2, handles have fallen off) An interesting way to radically simplify window construction.

RM Schindler’s Elmer House, 1952 (unbuilt), Form, part 4 of 5


Thanks to Linda Theung for letting me use her photos of the Kallis House. (figs 5 & 7) Photos are copyrighted by Linda, all rights reserved.

Thanks to Dale East for letting me use his photo of the Kallis House (fig 6). Photo is copyrighted by Dale, all rights reserved.

Thanks to Chris Jepsen for letting me link to his wonderful googie website.

Thanks to Tom Lundin and his wonderful ModMidMod site for letting me use his Biff’s digital model to create my night-time image 8.

RM Schindler’s Elmer House, 1952 (unbuilt), Space, part 3 of 5


NOTE: Schindler used floating planes as lights in many of his designs. Thin wood frames support translucent glass with lights above the glass. I call these “soffit lights” in this article. A soffit is the underside of a structural element.


The space is shaped by the dominating tilted roof. You are constantly aware of it. You are either under it, looking through it, or contrasting with it.(fig 1)