Garden Sink

More furniture for the working gardener

We built a potting shed behind our garage years ago. One thing it lacked however, was a sink for watering newly potted and repotted plants, or washing off pots, rocks or hands.

I looked for a salvaged laundry sink, but had no luck. I looked for new laundry sinks, but they are mostly a thing of the past. In my search, I came across a deep fiberglass sink that had been returned and was marked down. I took a chance and bought it before I had an idea of how to use it.

The sink needed a counter for support, an area to put materials while working in the sink, a water supply and a drain. There was a hose in the shed, so water was no problem. Since the only thing that would be in the sink was plants and soil (no chemicals or detergents), it could just drain onto the ground.

I designed a table with a large opening for the sink. There is a work area to the left, and a storage shelf below. The table stands on a fan shaped area of brick, so I curved the table edge to follow the brick. Materials are 2x and 4x redwood.


NOTE: There is a black plastic flat (tray) across the top of the sink in these photos. Lisa uses it when she works on small plants in the sink.

Top: View looking from the potting shed

Second from Top: View from our backyard, looking towards the potting shed. The sink

is on the left. I was so amazed by the amount of things to look at in this picture, I made the guide photo below.

Third from the Top: View from our backyard, with the sink circled for easy identification

Fourth from the Top: Front view showing depth of the  sink and the shelf below

Fifth from the Top: View from our Backyard., showing the curved table edge matching the curved brick

Bottom: Note the drain pipe that snakes to the side. It drains onto the gravel walking surface in the potting shed

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