My Almond Baker

Character design

I like the character trademarks from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Characters were created to represent a company, rather than the abstract corporate logos used today. They have a playful and funny quality that most logos lack. Some famous trademark characters are: Mr. Peanut for the Planter’s Peanut Company, Speedy for Alka Seltzer and Bob for Bob’s Big Boy Restaurants. If you aren’t familiar with these, and the 100’s of lesser known characters, there are some good books available on them.

I am having so much fun baking lately, I decided I needed a character for my fictitious baking company. I use almond flour, so a character who is an almond seemed reasonable-at least to me. My baker is carrying a tray of freshly baked almond flour goodies, boldly walking out of the frame.

I am very happy with my character but, like all characters, my baker needs a name. Please make your suggestions using the “Add comment” below.

The winning name will be added to the image.

UPDATE: I received over 30 suggestions for a name. After much thought, I selected “Baker Boy”. The drawing above has been updated. Thanks to all my readers who made suggestions.

3 thoughts on “My Almond Baker”

  1. A-tony…..said with an Italian accent!! You figure that out!! Almond flour: Europeans use nut flours a lot
    Biscotti: Italian

    So, the Italian almond baker is born!

    Love all of your cartoons!!
    Hugs, Joyce

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