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Garden Shades 1: Sketches

As a response to recent water restrictions, we decided to install shades for our garden. These articles show the process I followed from initial studies to finished shades.

Plants are mostly bromeliads and tillandsias (air plants). Our garden is well established, with little room available for installing poles in the ground or attaching  shades to the house.

These are sketches of different concepts, developed as I talked to different manufacturers, researched materials and explored options.

RM Schindler’s Erlik House, 1950-51

I made this model when I saw photos of the recently restored home, photos that made me want to understand the design. 

This is a late, and relatively unknown, gem designed by architect R.M. Schindler, Los Angeles, 1950-1951.

A small house, a small budget and a difficult site. Schindler managed to use these limitations to make a wonderful “space box”.

I made the model using the information I could find: small floor plans, old and new photos, Schindler’s writings on his systems of construction and dimensions. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the house.

Images from top to bottom are: front, rear, interior cross section (looking into the Master and Living rooms) and a space volume study

The space volume study shows how the different volumes (formed by different ceiling heights) slide over and do not match the functional spaces below. Ceiling heights step from lowest in blue to highest in purple. Glass is carefully placed so you can see the volumes continuing from room to room. Intricate cabinets/space dividers separate Living from Master, allowing the space to flow between rooms while maintaining privacy.

Artist’s Studio

Preliminary sketches for an artist’s studio.

The painter/sculpture’s studio was to stand next to the artist’s home. He wanted a modern building, she wanted a building that would look like their Spanish style house. I proposed a modern studio wrapped in a thick Spanish wall. The Spanish wall contained the entry, stair, second floor sitting area and deck. The modern studio contained the first floor garage and second floor studio.