Valentine’s Day Tripod Plant Stand

steve wallet, architect tripod planter woodburn cartoons 2015-2-11The way to a gardener’s heart…

steve wallet, architect tripod planter cartoon 2015-2-11You can keep all your chocolates, mushy cards and cut flowers. If you REALLY want to wow your gardener, give her a plant stand!

steve wallet, architect tripod front 2015-2-11My gardener Lisa needed a replacement plant stand for a wire one that was rusting away. The footprint was so narrow that we didn’t need the usual 4 legs, and frankly I wanted to make a new design. I came up with this three legged stand, a tripod without the usual angled tripod legs.steve wallet, architect tripod planter detail 2015-2-11

steve wallet, architect tripod side 2015-2-11Lisa suggested I could sign it with my wood burning set. I made some cartoon sketches (first image), picked one and burned it in – a perfect combination of cartoons, carpentry, plants and love….steve wallet, architect tripod planter rear 2015-2-11

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!!!

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