Interactive 3D Model

You control the horizontal and the vertical…

Ever since I started making digital models, I have been looking for a way to share them with my readers. Not static images, but models you can interact with; zoom in, rotate and move around. There’s something about actually manipulating a model that gives you a real sense of it as a three dimensional object.

After much research, I found a way to do this!

For my first, but not last, interactive model I have taken a piece of my affordable housing prototype model. You don’t need special software, just free Adobe Reader. And most computers now come with Adobe Reader installed. Click on “Continue reading” and the model will load.

PATIENCE It takes about 20 seconds for the model to load.

[iframe src=”” width=100% height=700]


  • ROTATE   left click and hold, then move mouse
  • ZOOM IN/OUT  scroll
  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT  left click and hold, press ctrl and hold, then move mouse
  • RESET  click “home” button on model tool bar


To give you practice moving around the model, I have added a little puzzle. With a nod to Highlights ™ magazine and Bizarro © comics, I have hidden three objects in the model

  • Our Cat
  • Firecracker
  • Slice of Pie

Can you find them? Use my contact form if you need any hints

PROBLEMS? See the information below.
you still have problems getting the model to work, I want to know. Please use my contact form to tell me about them. Include your system info: PC or Mac, manufacturer/model of your system, web browser, and the version of Adobe Reader you have installed.

MODEL DIDN’T LOAD PROPERLY? Click on the “reload current page” button in your web browser. This usually looks like one or two arrows pointing in a circle.

ADOBE READER You need to have free Adobe Reader installed for this to work on your computer. You can download the Windows version at, the Mac version at

MOBILE DEVICES This model does not work on mobile devices.

FIREFOX USERS The Adobe Acrobat plugin must be activated for the model to work

  1. Click on the Firefox drop-down in the upper left corner
  2. In the drop-down, click on “Options”, and then “Applications”.
  3. Scroll down to “Portable Document Format (PDF)” and in the “Actions” drop down menu select “Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)
  4. Close and re-open Firefox and return to this site ( and the model will work

GOOGLE CHROME USERS The Chrome Adobe PDF plug-in must be activated for the model to work.

  1. Type in “about:plug-ins” in the Chrome address bar
  2. Scroll down to the Chrome PDF Viewer and click “Disable”
  3. Scroll down to the Adobe Reader plug-in and click “Always Allowed”
  4. Return to this web site ( and the model will work.


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