Hanukkah Pop-up

A different kind of card

Lisa suggested that I try a pop-up card this year, and I thought that would be fun. A few frustrating hours later, I finally figured out the technique – how to make different planes stand up and then fold into a flat closed card. A 3D scene from a flat card – a little bit of magic!

“Ah lichtige Hanukkah”, in Yiddish, means “A bright Hanukkah (to you)”.

The latkes that are puzzling Our Cat are the traditional Hanukkah potato pancakes fried in oil. I think he’d prefer tuna.

Happy Hanukkah!

You can get a little more Hanukkah history, including the meaning of the candles and of the oil the latkes are cooked in, in my 2009 Hanukkah card.

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