More Murals, part 2 of 2

Side Door Mural unveiled


We decided to go with alternate B, the fish swimming in the same direction whether the door is open or closed. We reversed the direction shown in the previous article, so the big red fish is swimming toward our house.

Alternate B created an unexpected problem – what do you do at the edges, where the fish on one side meets the corral on the other side? I decided to bring both patterns around the corner and let them meet on the edges (third from top). It creates a wonderful texture as the different patterns battle it out.

An unexpected bonus is the color the mural adds to our garage, when the door is closed (sixth from top).

The side door faces our backyard, and the new murals add even more color to our wonderful garden.

Top                            door closed
Second from top        door open
Third from top            patterns meeting at edge
Fourth and fifth          details
Sixth from top            color in the garage
Seventh from top        down the stairs from our two story deck
Bottom picture            finished and signed by the biggest fish of all







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