Christmas Day Scrapbook

Some images from a wonderful day

A spur of the moment card. Very quick and rough, I drew this when Lisa wasn’t looking. The “Wizard of Oz” effect in the last panel, where the colors turn to Christmas intensity, was Lisa’s idea. I went back and changed the card.

Cats and wrapping paper, a perfect match.

A hummingbird sitting in our orchid tree, caught from our two story deck.

Our Cat regally sitting on the warm garage roof in the late afternoon, also from our deck.

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One thought on “Christmas Day Scrapbook”

  1. Very cool! I have been making batches of chicken tetrazzini, spinach citrus salad w/ Mazatlan Lime Dressing and Vincent's Favorite childhood Dessert—–vanilla ice cream, my chocolate sauce and Madeleine cookies.

    Off to make another batch of Madeleines right now before bed as I have another dinner party Tuesday eve.

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