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Our Cat goes to Ireland

RAWR 2015-4 newsletter steve wallet cat cartoon 2015-4-27sort of…

I was recently contacted by the good people at RAWR, Rural Animal Welfare Resources. They serve the very south west of West Cork, Ireland. Their mission is to reduce companion animal births and increase human responsibility.

They saw my Sure Sign of Spring cartoon and wanted to use it to encourage people to spay or neuter their pets. I talked it over with Lisa and Our Cat, and of course we are thrilled to be able to help. The cartoon appears in the RAWR April, 2015 newsletter (top).

I am always happy to share my cartoons with animal welfare organizations. If you are interested, please contact me.

steve wallet architect cat cartoon rawr star 2015-4-27And here are 3 cartoons about Our Cat’s excitement, and confusion, over his international fame.

steve wallet architect cat cartoon ireland road trip 2015-4-27 steve wallet architect cat cartoon ireland meow 2015-4-27

Happy Mother’s Day

steve wallet architect mother's day cat toon CARD 2015-5-5Thanks mom, for everythingsteve wallet architect mother's day cat toon layout 2015-5-5

A simple, quiet card from Our Cat to Lisa, in appreciation of all she does for him.

steve wallet architect mother's day tulips cartoon 2015-5-10Final card at top, layout sketch below. The yellow lines in the sketch show each panel, the blue line helped my keep the panels lined up. All of these cartoons were drawn on my cell phone.

And at the bottom is a cartoon bouquet of tulips.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who help and take care of us.

Small Moments, volume 1

order small moments vol 1 button 2015-4-23Enjoyed by cats and cat-lovers

small moments vol 1 best cover, steve wallet architect 2015-4-23I have been drawing “small moments”, my autobiographic series of cartoons drawn on my cell phone, for four years. By now I have a big stack (or computer file) of them. I hate to see so many good cartoons gathering dust – it seemed it was time to do something with them. I put the early ones into my first small moments book.

small moments vol 1 sample page, steve wallet architect 2015-4-23“small moments, volume 1: best of the early years” has the cream of the cartoons I drew on my first cell phone, from 2012 to 2014. It’s 48 pages with over 150 cartoons, many in color – all at the low cost of $6 each, plus shipping.

It’s easy to order online, just click on the button above. Be the envy of all your friends, order your copy today! Order a few extra, they make great gifts! Your cat will love a copy too…