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Merry Christmas

A quiet card

Lisa  suggested the topic of Christmas in San Diego, and how different Christmas in Southern California is from the cold white Christmases of her youth in Ohio.

Lisa also suggested I try color on my cards. I am partial to black and white comics, but had lots of fun in Photoshop with this one.

I wanted to evoke the feeling of our Christmases, which are quiet days spent in the garden.

In this card, we are up on our deck (see previous 2 Story Deck postings) watching the sun set on a wonderful day.

Merry Christmas to all my readers

Happy Hanukkah

A card for the holiday.

Happy Hanukkah wishes to my readers.

REMINDER: If you click on this, or any image on my website, the image is enlarged. Enlarging this card makes it much easier to read.

My first idea for this card was to tell the Hanukkah story with different characters in each panel. I wanted to use people from different countries, accents,… but I was worried that I couldn’t pull that off. Instead, I narrowed it down to a pair of characters. The older character is loosely based on my father, a great story teller.

Hanukkah is spelled in different ways, another common spelling is “Chanukah”. I used the “Hanukkah” spelling because it has more straight line letters (no “c”) that seemed to make a better menorah (Hanukkah candle holder).

There’s much more to the Hanukkah story than I could include in one page. Being a fact nerd (“Did you know?” is one of my favorite phrases), I couldn’t help adding a few footnotes with facts I learned in preparing this card.